Rangmanch Farms- The most thrilling staycation in Delhi NCR

Life in the city can be very taxing; both mentally and physically. To be frank, our cities are not exactly models of liveability. Traffic chaos, pollution, incessant construction, booming population and migration, and sanitation, and hygiene issues are some of the issues that plague our cities today and make life a daily struggle.

Add to this-the mental pressure wrought upon us by demanding professional lives. Most of the time our work-life balance is in shambles and the urge to escape it all is very tempting. But one can not take long vacations every month, can they? This is where the concept of staycation comes in. You can take a day or two of that holiday or weekend to escape the monotony of daily routine and recharge yourself to face the trials of the next week.

But where to go for a staycation?

Finding the perfect place for a staycation in Delhi NCR might be challenging. After all, what is the point of a getaway if you have to spend it, all closeted in a hotel?

Fortunately, Rangmanch Farms has answers to all these questions and more. Nestled away in Sultanpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Rangmanch Farms are 14 acres of refreshing lush greenery. Only a 20-minute drive from Gurugram it is close enough to the city to be a perfect choice for a staycation near Gurgaon, while secluded enough that you get to leave the noise and hubbub of the city behind.

Rangmanch Farms are the perfect example of farm tourism where you get to reacquaint yourself with nature in a holistic and fun filled manner. Farm Tourism has been growing in and around with multiple farmhouses in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR and Rangmanch Farms is the best of the best.

It brings together the advantages of a luxury resort in the lap of the nature combined with fun activities which are not usually available in the other resorts in the area

What all can one do at Rangmanch Farms?

Rangmanch Farms are equipped to host everything from family outings to festivities to corporate staycation in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. One can unwind and relax in the lap of nature within our premium cottages which have all the amenities required to make our guests comfortable. Or you can indulge your culinary buds with the various delicacies we have on our menus. Our ‘farm to plate’ initiative makes sure that delicacies on offer are completely organic.

And, if you are not the one to lie still and just have quiet comfy dinners even on vacation, the we have 50+ sports, rides and adventurous activities for you to participate in. Unlock your inner thrill seeker and make some new comrades while you counter the many challenging activities Rangmanch Farms has for you.

What are these activities and how can one participate in them?

These activities are open to all the guests at the farm and we provide suitable activities for all age groups, even children. These activities are part of two outings – Day and Evening outings where we take guests on a picnic through the picturesque landscape of Rangmanch Farms and fill their day with amazing snacks, food, and activities. These activities include adventure sports like rappelling, rock climbing, water-based activities rain dance and mud baths, horse and camel rides, indoor and outdoor games and trampolines for children. Rangmanch means ‘a theatre’; and that is what these outings are- a stage for laughter, fun, competitiveness and relaxation. Trust us when we say that this farm stay in Gurgaon is like no other will make you forget about the burdens of your life for a while and re-energize you for the next challenge.

All these outings and activities including meals are covered under various packages which you can avail according to your requirements and preferences

Similarly, our accommodations are divided into three categories- bamboo rooms, deluxe rooms and family rooms, ensuring there is something for everyone according to their preferences.

So, if you want to spend that rare long weekend with your family or friends away from the smog and traffic jams of the city, away from the pressure of chores and the upcoming Monday blues then Rangmanch is the perfect choice for staycation in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR for you. A lush farm with thousands of trees and hundreds of other thrill and peace seekers like yourself for company surrounded with lip-smacking food and hundreds of stories around bonfires. It is a beautiful dream, isn’t it? And, Rangmanch farm can make this dream a reality, for as long as you want, and help you send back on your way feeling much better that you came in.

Our doors and hearths are always open to you and we are a mere 20 minutes away from Gurgaon. And, we are waiting to say- Welcome to Rangmanch Farms!

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