Tired of the urban grind? Exhausted by the noise, hustle and bustle of city life? It's time to hit pause, step away from the chaos and immerse yourself in the best picnic spots in Gurgaon where the bliss of nature reigns supreme. This weekend, escape to one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon- a place where the air is crisp, the skies are clear and the only sounds you'll hear are the gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing chirping of birds.

Rangmanch Farms is known for the adventurous activities that set young souls on fire, the amazing glamping options and the yummy food options that are provided to you. But what really “WOWs” of all visitors is the greenery, dotted with colourful flowers, and the peace that prevails over the entire Rangmanch Farms- making it one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon. Here, amidst the green expanse of Rangmanch Farms, you will find a refreshing and rejuvenating energy among the best picnic spots in Gurgaon.

The Location:

Imagine you are driving from Gurgaon through the rushing traffic and the sky touching buildings. A few kilometres past, the city bustle starts to thin away and the traffic starts to fade. There is a change in the scene- the air is fresher and you can see a lot more greenery around you- this proves that you are on the right track to the best picnic spots in Gurgaon.

At just 20 km from Gurgaon, you will be welcomed to Rangmanch Farms!,

Arriving at Rangmanch Farms feels like stepping into a fairy tale! Surrounded by the lush greenery of Sultanpur National Park, you realise as soon as you step down from your car, you will feel the aura of adventure, relaxation and nature welcoming you with open arms!

Convenient to reach yet secluded, Rangmanch Farms is more than a getaway; it's a sanctuary for the soul and food for your adventurous spirit. It's where worries melt away! Come, join us at one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon- Rangmanch Farms.

The Ultimate Spot for Family Picnic:

Rangmanch Farms is one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon for the whole family! Once you visit Rangmanch Farms, you will have an unforgettable day out! As one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon, we've got something for everyone to enjoy. 

Kids will love our exciting play zone and even you can relax knowing that every activity is supervised by professionals! Not just this, there is a trampoline for kids to jump on and numerous other activities that will keep them entertained that are rare to find even at the other best picnic spots of Gurgaon.  

And for the adventurous souls in the family, why not try horse riding or water zorbing? But the excitement doesn't stop there! For those craving even more adventure, we offer rappelling, ziplining, and rope courses- all within the area of Rangmanch farms, expert guidance and safety equipment. It's an experience that will get your heart racing and create lasting memories for the whole family. 

Enjoy Unmatched Scenic Beauty:

Situated amidst the bustling National Capital Region (NCR), Rangmanch Farms is that lap of nature that we miss in the city! People come from far away to Rangmanch Farms to enjoy a stay at one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon known for a captivating natural scenic experience. At Rangmanch Farms, you'll find a diverse ecosystem full of life, from tall trees to delicate flowers. Each one adds to the beautiful mix of plants that cover the landscape.

Relish the Beauty of Vibrant Plants

At Rangmanch Farms, nature lovers will be amazed by the colourful variety of flowering plants. Some of the prettiest ones include bougainvillaea vines and jacaranda trees, which stand out against the green landscape.

Besides these, you'll find lots of other wildflowers and shrubs, each with its own special beauty. From cheerful sunflowers to delicate marigolds, there's something to make your heart happy!

But it's not just about looking at Rangmanch Farms – it's also a home for many important creatures like butterflies, bees, and birds. They help the flowers grow by moving pollen from one flower to another. It's an important job that keeps the plants healthy for years to come.

Rangmanch Farms is known for its special collections of medicinal and aquatic plants. In the medicinal garden, you'll find lots of healing herbs and plants that have been grown carefully for their health benefits and traditional uses. If you're interested in learning about how plants can help keep you healthy, Rangmanch Farms is the perfect place to explore while enjoying the best picnic spots in Gurgaon. You'll see plants like turmeric, ashwagandha, neem, aloe vera, and tulsi growing all around.

At Rangmanch Farms, you can also enjoy diving into a pool! Besides the swimming pool, there are small ponds scattered across the lush green landscape. These ponds are home to beautiful aquatic plants like water lilies and lotus flowers. 

But the beauty of Rangmanch Farms isn't just skin deep – it's also a vital habitat for a wide range of pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and birds. As these winged visitors jump from flower to flower, they play a crucial role in pollination, ensuring the continued survival of Rangmanch Farms' flowering and fruiting plants for generations to come.

At Rangmanch Farms, nature's colours shine bright all year round. Whenever you visit for a picnic, you'll see different fruits and flowers blooming depending on the season. It's like a colourful show for your eyes, making it one of the best picnic spots in Gurgaon!

Plan Your Picnic This Weekend!

Escape to Rangmanch Farms for a peaceful and refreshing break! Lush greenery, stunning views, adventurous activities and delicious food- all this makes Rangmanch Farms the ideal place for a relaxing stay or an adventurous picnic in Gurgaon.

So why wait? Pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and come experience the magic of Rangmanch Farms – the best picnic spots in Gurgaon.

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