High above the ground with the panoramic aerial view of the world around you makes you realize what people mean when they say “hanging by a thread.” Except that you are dangling by a heavy rope (and, of course, your safety gear… but let’s not ruin your moment). The whipping winds sing you songs you that you have never heard, making you feel like the king of the world!

Sounds appealing, right?

If your answer is yes, then our High Rope Course is the way to go. If it does not sound like your kind of thing, then you should definitely give it a try to push your limits beyond your comfort zones!

Rangmanch Farms High Rope Course will have you swinging by ropes, balancing on swaying tree trunks and teetering wobbly platforms. The High Rope Course activity is a true challenge to your concentration, courage, and endurance. You will utilize every single muscle of your body and test out your control over them.

Floating in the mid-air, away from the humdrum of life, when you witness your surroundings from a bird’s eye view, you will undergo a life-altering experience. Your mind and soul fuses with the spirit of regal birds like the Eagle or the Hawk, making you invincible – at least in that very moment.

In case you haven’t checked out our Bull Ride activity, then you surely are missing out on all the fun! At the same time, some adventures are not just physical, and need a combination of mental and physical strength, such as walking out straight of our Illusion Room.

Sounds interesting? Book now and head straight to Rangmanch Farms.

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