The Illusion Room at Rangmanch Farms is going to trick your senses and leave you nonplussed. It will put you in a situation where your brain will say something while your body says otherwise. Who are you going to listen to in this scenario?

Choose wisely, because either your brain or your body is going to let you down and we won’t tell you which one it is!

Entering the Illusion room is in itself a challenge. Once you are in, your mind will bend in ways you did not expect it to contort. The world around you will tilt and turn, and you might feel like you are tripping on a potent drug. In fact, this may be the closest that you can get to experience the effects of LSD in the safest manner!

Our Illusion room is an optical illusion which will leave you dazed and staggering through this ride. Hold on tightly, or the floor will sweep you off your feet as you lose your balance. The ride will cause disorientation, dizziness, and vertigo. So be wary as you enter the Illusion Room!

If this is not enough to get you excited, do check out everyone’s favorite Bull Ride. For adventure enthusiasts, our 10-obstacle high rope course is sure to challenge them. And don’t forget to challenge yourself by walking through our illusion room.

Sounds interesting? Why wait? Head straight to Rangmanch Farms.

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